So, I’m taking a break from Tumblr to celebrate Christmas and prepare for the upcoming Pokemon Video Game Regional.

Sorry to the few Moveset Requests left in my ask box, I promise I’ll respond to those.

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Drizzle + Swift Swim = banned in competitive play :(


Drizzle + Swift Swim = banned in competitive play :(

i have 2 on my mind, nidoqueen and golurk

Two Ground-type Pokemon, eh?

     Nidoqueen’s unique typing and natural bulk accompanied with the recommended EVs form a wall against the plethora of Fighting-types in today’s metagame, such as Lucario and Toxicroak. The moves provided assemble these characteristics into an effective stall breaker, via tainting the opponents field with Toxic Spikes and futher exploiting them with Dragon Tail. However, you may opt for Fire Blast as a response to rampant Steel-types like Ferrothorn, Scizor, and Skarmory which otherwise switch in undaunted.

     Moreover, Super Fang aids in clearing the opponent’s team of defensive buffers and will consistently break opposing substitutes - creating a problem for Ninjask. Despite the leverage afforded by Super Fang, Ice Beam maintains coverage on rival Ground-types and gives an edge against Nidoqueen’s OU likeness: Gliscor, who has access to a reliable recovery move and an immunity to Ground; things Nidoqueen lacks.
     And Earthquake tops off the set with STAB.
Now, if you didn’t know, I’m very lazy. You submitted two Pokemon, so I built you an original Nidoqueen moveset, but, as for Golurk, it’s just a common Choice Band set from Smogon.

Thanks for the message.

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"Swampert batters down its foes with a swing of its thick, rock-hard arms. It is territorial and protects its family as much as possible."
     Swampert is a remarkably helpful Pokemon with its great movepool and valuable bulk. This moveset may seem dull, but it’s actually quite a standout. With the moves and EVs provided, this Mud Fish acts as a utility against common casts of Pokemon. Swampert can take an hit from most OU Dragon-types or Gliscor and respond back with Ice Beam for heavy damage. Surf and Earthquake are more for coverage, and Toxic puts an end to pesky walls that otherwise could walk all over Swampert, like Slowbro and Jellicent(just be careful of burn).

     The only real problem with Swampert is the lack of a reliable recovery move. Skarmory and the ever-prevalent Ferrothorn don’t make its job any easier. But on the bright side, Swampert is easily dropped onto any team and can provide much needed support.

Look at Ash’s hands in the top gif. …what

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A Non-Stat boosting/baton pass Ninjask please xD

Wow, you really tied my hands with this one…. but here it is! A non-pass Ninjask.
     Choice Band and max Attack make this little bug pack quite a punch. With X-Scissor and Aerial Ace as your main attacking moves, the theme of this set is pretty straight-forward: cause as much damage as possible.
     There are two alternate moveslot choices depending on your style of battling. U-Turn is a useful move, letting you scout opponent’s switch in, then interchanging Ninjask for a counter, but it opens you up to Stealth Rock damage. Now, Furry Cutter is more of a gimmicky option, as it begins at 20 Base Power and doubles with each consecutive hit, but on the fifth strike Ninjask is able to take out certain bulky opponents, such as Max HP/DEF Miltank (2HKO) and Espeon (OHKO, even with Reflect set up), which X-Scissor cannot do.
     The last slot finishes off the set with either Night Slash, rounding out Type-coverage nicely, or Final Gambit. It’s worth mentioning that most Pokemon resistant to X-Scissor and Aerial Ace happen to be of either Steel- or Rock-typing, and are usually mediocre when it comes to HP, allowing for an successful kamikaze strike when Ninjask’s job is done.

Thanks for the message. :)